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Join the Fight to Free the Hostages

Our activities and how to get involved

1.Raising Awareness

We are a grassroots movement that has been fighting since October 7th to free the hostages and bring everyone home now.


Our primary goal is to maintain the issue of the hostages in public discourse and put pressure on the relevant organisations to act now. We organize protests, installations, and other events to bring attention to the issue.

There has already been extensive denial of the atrocities of October 7th, including denial of innocent civilians being taken hostage and denial of the crimes against humanity perpetrated against the hostages in captivity.

For more information about the hostages and to hear their stories, visit the website of our partners at

The Hostages and Missing Persons Families Forum.

2.Targeted Action

We place a great focus on engaging with and protesting organisations that have a crucial role in helping to bring the hostages home or organisations that have not been doing enough to help.


A particular focus of our campaign is pressuring the International Committee of the Red Cross, which has not been fulfilling the duties its members took an oath to fulfil.


For over 220 days, the ICRC has failed to visit the hostages in captivity or provide them with the lifesaving medication they require. 


Amongst the remaining hostages are elderly people, sick people, infants and critically-injured individuals.

3.Get Involved

We are an all-volunteer organisation and we depend on the support of people like you to keep the fight going. Subscribe below or follow us on our social media platforms if you would like to stay informed on our activities.

Ways to get involved include:

  • Attending the events organised by the 7/10 Human Chain Project and other organisations in the UK.

  • Follow our social media profiles (@710humanchain) and share our content and events to help increase the impact of our activities and maximise attendance of our events.

  • Take part in sharing the truth on your social media platforms and help combat the massive disinformation and misinformation being promoted about Israel and the events of 7 October.

Stay Informed

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Thank You for Joining the Fight!

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